OA Jewelry was born out of love for the craft, and the joy of making people feel beautiful - two elements that designer and owner Osnat Amitzur wanted to bring to the world. 


Since a young age, Osnat was creating jewelry for friends and family, making raw materials into art. The hobby grew into a passion, and after years of designing for a close circle of people, Osnat took her talent and opened up her first jewelry design studio back in 2012. Since then, she has been making jewelry for her generation - trendy ladies who are both busy go-getters and at the same time fun-loving individuals who want to live life to the max. 


OA jewelry is such that women love to wear anywhere without having to take it off or think twice about when they do sports or enjoy swimming. Osnat insists on using high-quality materials that can be on 24/7 year-round.

Timeless quality

OA Jewelry is made to last. We use only high quality, pure and durable 925 silver, goldfield and Japanese crystal beads. Wear it every day, enjoy it year-round. Take it to trips, parties, work. Enjoy the beauty and pleasure of quality pieces. Reap the compliments time and time again. 


OA Jewelry can be customized just for you. We make pendants and charms in different shapes, sizes, and styles, using unique elements so that every piece of jewelry is custom made just for you. Engrave your name and the name of your loved ones on timeless silver or goldfield pieces, shape your own necklaces, rings, and bracelets, and take your best memories everywhere you go.

Hand made

OA Jewelry is handmade. Every piece is crafted individually, one by one, to make something absolutely unique. We don’t work with big industrial factories in Asia. We make jewelry ourselves with love and care.

On trend

We make jewelry for our generation. Those who live and love in the city and make the most of their day. We make jewelry for people who have a busy life and want to look their best without wasting time. Younik Jewelry is for urban trend setters.