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Are you heading out for a great day on the beach but you don't have jewelry to look as good as you feel? Our handcrafted artisan jewelry can help you look amazing while you're out on the beach. Beach jewelry and woven bracelets make fantastic accessories for your day in the sun.


We sell only handcrafted artisan jewelry. You won't find any big box jewelry or factory made items in our shop. Our Artisans have been crafting jewelry for years and have an expert understanding of what makes a fine accessory. Each piece we create is designed to the highest standards and is guaranteed to leave you feeling happy and unique. Our jewelry is a perfect choice for a day out on the beach.


Just because you're heading out onto the beach, doesn't mean you shouldn't feel like you look your best. While most jewelry can't stand up to a day on a beach, our beach jewelry can. We design our jewelry to be worn 24/7. This means that you don't have to worry about our jewelry being damaged by the sand or saltwater. We design our jewelry to be able to handle a full day out in the sun. Our beach jewelry can make sure you look great and feel great while you're out there enjoying the surf. If you're looking for something specific to add to your beach attire, we recommend our woven bracelets.


Woven bracelets have an elegant and fun-loving design. These pieces of jewelry add a casual flare and depth to any outfit. This makes them a perfect choice for the beach. Nothing gives off the same kind of relaxed and attractive vibes that a woven bracelet does. No matter what you're wearing to the beach, our woven bracelets make a perfect accessory to bring out the best in your natural looks and your attire.


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